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West Side Auto and Towing LLC. 

We have been in business for over 10 years serving our community of Red Hook, New York 12571 and we are happy to continue working & living in this great town. Red Hook, New York 
Is home to West Side Auto & Towing, It Is also home to our family & friends.

Our family has been rooted in the community for many years, which is why we find it more exciting to be opening a second shop.

We are a family owned & operated full service auto repair shop & full service 24 hour towing service & Like family is how we treat our customers. 

We always show the utmost respect for everyone who walks through our doors & we always make sure that your safety concerns are met with kindness & honesty just as we would with our own family.

We Take pride in being one of the best full service repair shops in the community. We hold true to our commitments to the community, with high regards for professionalism, integrity, knowledge & expertise in all areas of auto repair & towing. 

We encourage our customers to stop in and speak with us, build a level of trust knowing you can depend on West Side Auto for all your vehicle needs.


Full Service Auto Repair & Full Service 24/7 Towing 


West Side Auto & Towing
308 West Market Street
Red Hook, New York 12571



West Side Auto & Towing


Towing Service 24/7


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24/7 TOWING HOTLINE 845.514.6442 

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